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Mechai Viravaidya Foundation - Business for Rural Education and Development Co., Ltd.  

The Best Way to Give is to Give Someone a Chance

Business for Rural Education And Development (BREAD) is a new type of business enterprise with the objective of utilizing profits for improving the quality of life for people in rural Thailand. This social enterprise aims to achieve profitability and eventually assist the Population & Community Development Association (PDA) and Mechai Viravaidya Foundation attain a higher level of financial sustainability through activities such as rural tours, homestays, and e-commerce for rural products and handicrafts. BREAD offers a logistics framework that allows Thailands rural poor to sell products and handicrafts to an international market, thereby empowering them with income-generation, and also providing PDA with funding to maintain financial sustainability. BREAD also provides professional consulting, such as CSR Advisory Services.

For the last 32 years, PDA has had businesses helping over 25% of Thailand, encompassing approximately 16,000 villages and 46 provinces. In the future, PDA will have a stronger focus on self-reliance for those in rural areas by generating revenue through selling products, which directly benefits society. The quality of products will be beneficial for the consumer, and it will be beneficial to those in the rural areas.

How You Can Help

For every purchase of a product from BREAD, the profit directly benefits both PDA and the rural villagers looking to sell their merchandise to an international market. Please have a look at our product collection, available in both Thai and English.

For details on contacting us and getting involved, please visit this page.

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On November 27th, 2010, the BREAD General Manager, Ms. Nittaya, took part in an event with the Thailand Post to teach students in Bangkok about the importance and commercial benefits of jasmine rice.

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The Business for Rural Education and Development Co., Ltd. (BREAD) is an initiative of the Population & Community Development Association (PDA)